This site provides an example of a survival & preparedness inventory for a group of 4 people living in a remote mountain retreat.

To see the proposed example inventory - refer to the page list on the right side of this site. Browse through the pages which cover Firearms & Ammunition, Food & Water, and more. In no way is this presented as an end-all solution to any and every example. It is merely present to promote thought and discussion.


Saturday, November 12, 2011


Welcome to the "Survival & Preparedness System" website.

This site has been developed to illustrate a possible example survival "system" which could be put together to prepare for potential disasters - both man-made and natural. The hope is to promote thought and consideration for readers who are working to develop their own system.

In no way, shape, or form does the owner of this site believe that the system represented here is the "one and only" and will work for everybody in every situation. It is merely one possible solution.

Content related comments are welcome and we would enjoy hearing other peoples perspectives.

Updates to the site will vary from daily to weekly.

Thanks you!