This site provides an example of a survival & preparedness inventory for a group of 4 people living in a remote mountain retreat.

To see the proposed example inventory - refer to the page list on the right side of this site. Browse through the pages which cover Firearms & Ammunition, Food & Water, and more. In no way is this presented as an end-all solution to any and every example. It is merely present to promote thought and discussion.


Alternative Power/Light

Electricity is certainly not a necessity - however electricity certainly provides some benefits. Being able to power pumps, tools,  refrigeration, radio's, etc. is very beneficial.

Below is a list of a variety of methods that the retreat has which to access power.

Solar Generation Equipment

Qty: 03      Sunforce 60-watt Solar Panel Kits - Click HERE for more information
Qty: 10      12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Qty: 02     Maxell 48-pack AA Alkaline Batteries, box
Qty: 02     Maxell 36-pack AAA Alkaline Batteries, box
Qty: 03     Duracell 24-pack AA Alkaline Batteries, box
Qty: 02     Duracell 24-pack AAA Alkaline Batteries, box
Qty: 05     Energizer C-Battery Box of 12
Qty: 10     Rayovac D-Battery Box of 12
Qty: 01     Tenergy CR123A 3.0 Volt Battery Pack, box of 40
Qty: 04     Surefire CR123A 3.0 Volt Battery Pack, box of 12

Rechargeable Systems and Supplies:
Qty: 03      Energizer AA/AAA Battery Charger with 4 AA Batteries
Qty: 10      Energizer AA Rechargeable Batteries - packs of 4
Qty: 06      Energizer AAA Rechargeable Batteries - packs of 4
Qty: 02      Tenergy Smart Charger 3,0 Volt CR123A Battery Charger with 4 CR123A Batteries

Power Generators & Equipment:
Qty: 02      Generac 2000 watt 126cc 4-stroke OHV Gas Operated Portable Generator 
Qty: 04      2.5 gallon gas containers
Qty: 04      25-foot Heavy Duty Power Cord, 15-amp
Qty: 03      Belkin Power Strip
Qty: 01      200-gallon above ground fuel tank - filled and treated