This site provides an example of a survival & preparedness inventory for a group of 4 people living in a remote mountain retreat.

To see the proposed example inventory - refer to the page list on the right side of this site. Browse through the pages which cover Firearms & Ammunition, Food & Water, and more. In no way is this presented as an end-all solution to any and every example. It is merely present to promote thought and discussion.




A retreat can be stockpiled with supplies as well as have all the necessary gardening, shelter, and water systems to remain self-reliant. Regardless - information is critical. Beside being able to possibly quench the unbelievable thirst for knowledge of what is happening in the outside world - communications within the retreat group is needed.

Whether it be for tactical or merely for observational reasons - communication is very important.

2-Way Radio Equipment:

QTY: 03      Midland GXT760 36-mile 42 Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio's, pairs
     *****above is 3 pairs of 2 radio's providing the group of 4 one extra set as a spare

QTY: 02      Yaesu FT-2900R 75-watt 2 meter Mobile HAM Radio
QTY: 01      2 meter HAM antenna
QTY: 01      Repeater Directory

QTY: 02      Midland CB radio, 40 channel
QTY: 01      Cobra CB Radio Antenna

QTY: 01     Kaito AM/FM/SW/Weather Radio
QTY: 02     Sony Pocket AM/FM Radio