This site provides an example of a survival & preparedness inventory for a group of 4 people living in a remote mountain retreat.

To see the proposed example inventory - refer to the page list on the right side of this site. Browse through the pages which cover Firearms & Ammunition, Food & Water, and more. In no way is this presented as an end-all solution to any and every example. It is merely present to promote thought and discussion.



Below represents an inventory list of Sanitation related items stored in the retreat as well as in a shed on the property.

Qty: 20     Toilet Paper, cases - available at SAM's Club (48 rolls per case)
Qty: 10     Lysol spray, cans
Qty: 10     Clorox Bleach, gallons
Qty: 05     SafeTouch Nitrile gloves, boxes of 100
Qty: 02     Drawstring 13-gallon trash bags, boxes of 200
Qty: 03     Clorox Disinfectant 30-oz bottles, packs of 9
Qty: 01     Huggies Wet Wipes, 3 pack
Qty: 05     Vinegar - bottles