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Friday, November 25, 2011

Firearms for survival & preparedness

Firearms are often a subject that are looked at emotionally by preppers with visions of rushing in to save the damsel in distress from the bad guys. The fact is - a firearm is merely another tool that should be included in the stockpile.

One discussion that often comes up is what kinds of firearms to own. There are two main thoughts:
  • Hunting/Food Gathering - One segment of the prepper population feel that the only reason to stock a firearm is to gather food. Whether it be large game animals such as deer and elk, or smaller animals like squirrels and rabbits - having a variety of firearms to "fit the bill" is always considered. Long barrel shotguns, large bore hunting rifles, and small bore rifles are typically acquired.
  • Self-Defense - Another belief is firearms must be available to protect people, property, and supplies. Many feel that any large-scale disaster will result in anarchy resulting in roving gangs of "brigands" up to no good.

My take on the whole matter is a combination of the above. With that in mind I have one belief that I firmly believe and always remember:
     - Those without will take from those that have in order to self-preserve.

What I am basically saying is if things get bad enough that people are hungry and struggling to feed their family - they will steal and kill. It is a matter of self preservation. Therefore, a priority must be made to have firearms which can be used to defend property, people, and supplies.

Like I said - a good survival battery should have a variety of firearms to fill many roles. Hunting, protection, dispatching varments, target practice, etc.

Every situations and geographic location can present a variety of challenges which to consider when selecting a firearm battery. Someone living in the deep woods of Alaska will likely need different firearms than someone living in an apartment in the middle of a large city.

Just a few thoughts.......

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